Our Prices

Our Prices From:

All prices are shown as from, this is because they all depend on the condition of your dogs coat. Wherever possible we will treat and keep matted coats but not at the expense of the animals welfare. If a full clip off is required we will contact you first and make sure this is agreed prior to being clipped.

Full Groom

 Size Height Guideline Price From
 Small Under 18 Inches i.e Cavalier King Charles, West Highland White Terrier £27.50
Medium Under 23 Inches i.e Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel £30.00
 Large Under 27 Inches i.e Airedale Terrier, Giant Schnauzer £35.00
 Giant Over 27 Inches i.e Old English Sheepdog, Newfoundland, Standard Poodle £50.00

Basic Groom

 SizeHeight Guideline Price From
  Small Under 18 Inches i.e West Highland White Terrier £25.00
 Medium Under 23 Inches i.e Cocker Spaniel £27.50
 Large  Under 27 Inches i.e Labrador £30.00
 Giant Over 27 Inches i.e Old English Sheepdog, Irish Wolfhound £40.00

All prices are a guideline. Please contact us for a quote for your dog.