Photo Gallery

Before and After Photographs
louie 1   louie 2
Lottie 1     Lottie 2 
Before     After
toby 1 
rhona 1
Lexy Before Lexy After

Cocker Before Cocker After

Bella Before Bella After
Before & After (but prior to bathing)
Eadie  Eadie 2
Eadie After
Before & After Handstripping

Jack Before  Jack After

May Before  May After

Moo Moo Before  Moo Moo After

Maisie before  Maisie After

Ben being blasted by The Gizmo & loving it!

Ben Enjoying The Blaster!
Tia Before   Tia After
Monty Before  Monty After
alf before  alf after
Before scottie cross  After scottie cross
bailey before  Bailey After
Ben before  29032010694
yorkie before  yorkie after
Poodle before Poodle After
westie1 before Westie1 after
Lhasa before Lhasa After
Emmy Before Emmy After
Bumble Before Bumble After